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I am sometimes the original grumpy granny, but mostly I am fairly harmless and benign. My life has been a real journey filled with high and lows, the mountains, valleys of experience and there have been a few deserts and oases as well. That journey began in Australia and brought me to the other side of the world, through times of health and good fortune as well as illness and bereavement.

Since about 1989 I have struggled with CFS and am currently going through a bad patch... a really bad patch, that started in Oct 2002. CFS has slowed me down, and weakened me... so everything I do has to be paced and interupted with rest periods. My real world is shrinking, but my cyberworld is huge and I find real joy in it. Despite my illness, I managed to complete a degree in Environmental Chemistry in 1998, and then did part of a PhD in Chemical engineering, which I had to abandon in 2003. I have an intense and insatiable curiousity and have always thrived on study. Maybe one day I will get back to it.

I have spent a lot of time endeavouring to find the real me, that is the me that got lost way back in my past in order to facilitate my relationships with essential people in my life... unfortunately those people were mostly relating to a false persona, which I developed over the years in order to survive. After many years of therapy, that false persona has been mostly deconstructed, and I've pretty much found myself. There has been a lot in my journal about that, and there may be even more to come.

I love cuddly people, furry animals (and some of the not so furry), all things green, intelligent conversations, comfortable shoes, a warm bed (even better when it's shared), and good food, especially when someone else cooks and even better when they do the dishes. the important people in my life are my daughter tephramancy, my son Lawrence, and my grandson, Jude. I share my home with two cats and some fish in an aquarium (Lawrence's responsiblity)...

Please only add me if you are prepared to interact respectfully with me.... that doesn't mean you have to agree with me, but merely to respect my opinions, and when you feel like moving on, give me at least a word of goodbye, and a chance to do the same. I promise to do the same in return.

I hereby promise to welcome everyone I add to my list, and to farewell them when I remove them.
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