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A couple of weeks ago, the battery went in the watch I was wearing... this in itself is not that unusual. Now I have 3 watches that are in current use, but when money is short I don't bother keeping them all going, so I had no working watch. I gathered up all my watches, and a couple that used to belong to my husband, but have now been passed down to my children, and took them to the jewellers. Five of them were fixed with new batteries, and the sixth one needed a new band. However that one had to be sent away to Seiko for repair. One of mine has a leather strap and when I got it back with its new battery, I noticed it also needed a new strap, but that particular shop didn't have one to fit. So yesterday I finally got the new strap at another jewellers.

This is turning out to be more longwinded than I thought, sorry guys!!

All these watches were purchased in Hong Kong in January 1985... that makes them 18 years old... and they are all still keeping good time, and one also measures the temperature too. So whatever I paid for them way back then was well invested. Now I suppose you are wondering what it is that is perplexing. Well in 1985 I weighed less than 2/3 of what I do now, but my watches all still fit and two of them have rigid bands with only a very small amount of room for expansion, maybe 2mm. So you might think I'd need them on the biggest setting, but no I wear them on the smallest setting. So with such a huge increase in my general body size, my wrist size has not changed in 18 years. I think that is really strange.
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