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What I did on the holidays.

20th December I was feeling reasonable, then my gardening friend came and did amazing things in the garden, I ran a couple of errands and packed some things for my trip... then I was off... an uneventful trip and as usual the wonderful tephramancy was desperate for a trip to the supermarket when I got there... so a quick cuppa and off to Tesco. Now after that the details get a bit fuzzy, but many trips to Tesco, lunches and dinners at some nice restaurants, shopping and chilling... you know Mum and daughter stuff... with some granny stuff to accompany. Meanwhile these are the details I remember:-

22nd December zeke_hubris and tephramancy went to see New Model Army and I was babysitting with Zeke's brother. Immediately they got home from the gig we all piled in the car and drove to Oxford for some logistics, and a chance to get some fresh clothes and pick up the things I'd forgotten on the 20th.

24th December back to Croydon for the real Christmas stuff, last minute wrapping and getting the last of the food, which was less stressful than expected... the day was rounded off with a great girlie dinner out at TGI Fridays... I've been trying to get there for years, it was really good but a bit expensive... however it was the only place open at 9pm on Christmas Eve, even Mac's had closed up by then.

25th December Christmas is here!! I played the 'washing up fairy' and got the kitchen ready to cook the big dinner. Lawrence arrived and presents were distributed and opened. I got some theatre vouchers, a dvd of "Field of Dreams" one of my all-time favourites, and some other bits. Lawrence and I did not exchange gifts, we are going to buy ourselves a DAB tuner for the new hi-fi, which I will get at the same time... Hey! digital radio rocks! We did a lot of not a lot... ate, drank, watched old home movies... that was fun... and the alternative Queen's speech by Sharon Osbourne, HeHe!!! Lawrence left early in the evening, and we continued to just chill.

26th December Boxing Day. We all went to katyha and simondraycott's where there were many other LJers, some who I'd met and many more I hadn't. My role was one of observation, I really enjoyed just watching everyone else having fun, which is another way of saying I didn't have enough energy to do anymore. It was a very pleasant day.

27th December Now the real work begins... our aim, or rather my aim was to be helpful to my daughter, even though my energy levels were low. So I took on a directorial role, by overseeing the proceedings... There was washing to catch up on and furntiture to build and stuff to be taken to the dump, so over the next week we did get a lot done. I'd like to think I was helpful... although I get the impression that others think I'm just interfering... Sorry, I can only be me at this point, I'm still working on alternate personas. In the evening went to LL with Avalon... now I haven't been out for a long time, so it was a bit strange... once more I met some other LJers, and had a couple of drinks, it was very quiet, which was good for me... a gentle introduction to going out... and I survived, but I couldn't have done it alone. Thanks Avalon.

28th - 31st December More shopping, sorting, washing and eating (never forget the eating) culminating in Lawrence appearing briefly with his larger car to take some stuff to the dump. By now our efforts are showing results.... I think it's an improvement, but I haven't got to live there. Avalon and Zeke were off to Assimilation, where Avalon was DJing... I was the babysitter, so Jude and I watched videos, fought about what to watch next, and then he went to bed. I found something to amuse me till midnight and then to bed.

1st - 3rd Jan More of the same accompanied by rain, rain and more rain... Jude was getting more and more bored of being stuck in the house.

4th Jan Last trip to the supermarket, another Tesco breakfast... Yumm!!! Then we took Jude out to a nearby garden centre, that has a Pets and Aquarium section... the good news for him was there is a park next to it, so he got to play in the park too, just before it started raining again. Then I needed a nap before setting off on my journey home, which was uneventful, and I arrived home at about 9:30pm.
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