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My house is usually terminally messy, and normally we can't tidy up as fast as we make more mess. Over the years my children have managed to convince me that I'm the messy one.

Now Lawrence has been away for the last 10 days, and some curious things have happened. Three people have been to visit me and commented, totally unprimed, about how much tidier the place is... now I haven't done much... I've been ill... and even with one less person in the house, you would expect it to be less messy... but there has been a distinct improvement in the state of the house.

Another piece of evidence came when I was watching some old video home movies... and there was my house tidy and uncluttered, mind you that was with Ted's help at keeping it right... and I'm not saying it never got in a mess... but nothing like the problems we have now.

When I think back the messiness really started when Ted died.... and that's how the kids convinced me I was the messy one... they reckoned that while Ted was around he cleared up after me. Well, I think that's rubbish... I think I'm a tidy person trapped in a messy situation.... now where the way out of this messy situation. :-)
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