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You could have fooled me!!!

I'm supposed to be getting better, but today has been such a struggle... I've had my rests, I've paced myself, and I've had some activity... that's what I'm supposed to be doing... Well, it hasn't worked today, I went to the supermarket for a few things and usually the walk around with the aid of the trolley is quite therapeutic... today, it might as well have been a rollercoaster, I was having to hang on to the trolley with all my strength... and now I am totally exhausted.... and the cats are misbehaving, I locked 'Wobbles' outside after she peed on the floor for the second time in 24 hours, and there are 2 clean litter trays... I just can't cope with it at the moment... I don't have enough energy for my minimum needs let alone having to clean up after the cats... and they aren't usually like this.
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