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Easily amused?

I don't know whether we were easily amused.... but we were in fits of laughter while reading the catalogue that came with the new rabbit hutch. It was very funny, it's nice to see companies with a sense of humour. The unit we bought is actually designed to house chickens, but is also good for rabbits... so in the catalogue there is a lot of information about keeping chickens... This section is headed "The Forsham Formula for Fowl Fanciers Fantasies" (Forsham is the name of the company), that just cracked us up... the thought of trying to say that after drinking a four-pack of Fosters, which had been mentioned on a previous page, was just too much for me.

Enough hilarity, we got as far as unwrapping it today... I was concerned that the instructions might get wet with all the rain... silly me! They were in a sealed plastic envelope in the middle of all the wooden parts, which were shrinkwrapped and then wrapped in two layers of bubbles wrap then another layer of shrinkwrap... no amount of rain would have got to them. The reason we haven't done more is that Lawrence has hurt his back again , and today's been the first dry day for weeks.

BTW - I carefully kept all the bubblewrap... 'cos I know someone who will have the greatest fun with it when she next visits... and she'd better bring the video camera, so I can record the event.
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