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Bad day

Despite how much I tried to make it a good one... I knew when I got up that it was a bad CFS day, but I needed to go to Birmingham for a meeting... and full car park and then a full train, although I did get a seat... then last minute platform change at New Street meant an extra climb up and down the stairs... then I got the time of the meeting wrong and had to wait in the corridor for 20 minutes.... Then coming home the train was packed and I had to stand for 45 minutes. I am sooo glad to be home... I have been sensitive to noises, so the announcments on the station and every extra noise in the train has been hurting.... and the glare of the lights on the way home was worrying me, too. I'm just gonna stay in my calm dimly lit living room. That's one thing we have right... a comfortable light level.

Anyway I'm still officially off sick for a bit, but I'm have a little academic work to do in the background. If I had felt better I would have dropped in to Rackham's and said 'Hi' to eleanois, but that will have to wait till health and time come together again.
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