Mojo (bobbylevi) wrote,

Welcomes and how I'm keeping track

Welcome to simondraycott, when did you pop into my journal... was it today?

This is how I'm going to keep track of when people joined my friends list... by acknowledging them in my journal. I have done it some of the time before, but not in the early stages... I always thought it was an etiquette thing... but I can see another value in doing it now. I've also copied my entire friends list into a private post and saved it in my memories... I'll do this at regular intervals so I can see the changes. I might even go back and try to work out some more stuff from my journal... I'll save that for next time I'm bored.

If you are one of the friends I have not welcomed or acknowledged, then please accept my apologies and feel welcomed now.
Tags: f-list, lj
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