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A short lj-specific quiz

Heres a really cool LJ-specific quiz... borrowed from weathermanphil

When did you first start using LiveJournal?
signed up 2nd April 2001... but didn't eally start journalling till 30th December 2001

What were you talking about in your journal exactly one year ago?
Nothing, I hadn't got to grips with the concept of online journalling.

One month ago?
I was ranting about my research... yet again.

One week ago?
I was talking about a news report about a crocodile killing a tourist in Australia... and about the difficulties of being a parent to grown up children.

How many people from your LiveJournal Friends list do you know in person? (Put their names down if you want to)
I have either met or know in person the following buddies... andymariachi,diffrentcolours,eleanois,katyha,sebastian_lux, and zeke_hubris... and I'm related to tephramancy, she is my daughter.

How have your entries changed since you first began writing in LiveJournal?
I'm not sure... others would be better at noticing the changes... but I think I've become less introspective... can anyone tell me if that's right?

What style of journals do you prefer to read (i.e. funny, serious, poetic, personal, short, in depth)?
I like to read some of each type.

What style of journals do you prefer to write?
Anything that comes to mind at the time.

Do you have a paid account, and if so, do you think it's worth it?
Yes, I have a paid account and I believe its worth it. I believe that if I appreciate something I should be prepared to support it financially.

Do you change the design of your journal very often? Does the design matter to you very much?
No, I rarely change the style of my journal. The design needs to be comfortable/ interesting for me.... and fit in with who I am.

List some people who have LiveJournals that you think are...
Funny: cynnerth, diffrentcolours, lunalyn, sawguy
Thought-Provoking: emschin, greymeowsr, merouda, vlinker, cattails
Designed nicely: Don't know, I rarely look at people's journal after I've added them... just see my friends page.
Short and sweet: caban, ladychatter, vlinker, mickeymouseinoz, m_an_on
Intense: fallensnowdrop, roadnotes
Easy to relate to: Everyone on my list really... I think I've found a way to relate to each of my friends.

Who do you wish would write in their journal more often?
sebastian_lux, nonickyet, nannyjan, mopalia, ladychatter, jetler, dejablu503, divinemissa

Who on your LiveJournal Friends list...
lives closest to you? diffrentcolours about 5 miles away
lives farthest from you? m_an_on 12 hour time difference
Is closest to you in age? mickeymouseinoz... that's of those who reveal their age.
Is farthest from you in age? fallensnowdrop

C'mon everyone... do this quiz!!
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