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The decreasing value of kisses

Life is so simple when our children are small... how often has a 3 year old hurt himself, and come running to his mother for her to kiss it better... and as if by magic the pain goes away. Those kisses are powerful, but as the child grows they cease to believe that there is any power in their mother's kisses. When the child is grown and there is hurt and pain there is nothing that mother can do to ease the pain. I find it difficult feeling that useless... and they told us that it got easier as our children grew up... well I think that's not true, sure there is less constant call on a mother's attention, but then when it is needed the mother's touch is no use anymore.

I want something that is as powerful as a mother's kiss to a 3 year old.... and when I find it I will give it to my hurting adult child. I want to make it all better.
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