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Weevil attack

I haven't seen weevils in years... until last night. Now to tell the story from the beginning... I go off on goose chases, similar to wild goose chases, only the end is always achievable. A year or so ago I got interested in cooking with whole grains, I quite enjoyed the results but no-one else in the family was impressed, so whole grain foods, by and large got consigned to the quirky things I cook when no-one else is around. At this point I must say that Lawrence hasn't been away much this year, not like other years where there would be several weeks between us sharing dinner. It is also important to note that I never do anything half-assed... if I'm going to cook with whole grains I go and buy a packet of every conceivable type to try, and I don't stop buying till I have the whole selection... and this was well over a year ago.

A couple of days ago I noticed some powdery stuff on the shelf below the whole grain stash... and having had builders in thought it was some dust... on closer inspection last night, it was dust, flour to be precise from the weevils eating through my stash of whole grains. So they are now all on the compost heap... and they were way out of date anyway. That was an easy clear out... now can I get the weevils to attack my paperwork mountain?
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