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Thank you

Yesterday I went with tephramancy, zeke_hubris and Jude to the home of katyha and simondraycott, who I had met briefly before. adjectivemarcus and werenerd were also there, and we walked and chatted and lunched and generally did good Sunday stuff. I enjoyed myself and to some degree my body cooperated, and I survived, although I am a little the worse for wear today.

Thank you all for making me feel so welcome and accepted. It's the first time in a long while that I have been with people I've only just met and not felt uncomfortable, and insecure. I did feel like I was out of practise at socialising, but maybe it's more like the old patterns of socialising are no longer valid. I know I have changed, or I would never have felt relaxed enough to fall asleep on someone's sofa, especially when I had only just met them. Sorry about the snoring, it couldn't have been too bad or you'd have woken me up.

I'm finding it a struggle to put words together today, it was another fairly tough session at psychotherapy this morning... The next hurdle I have is to be able to find myself and my value in this world from within myself, not by external validation. Yesterday showed me that I had made some progress along that path.
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