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Update on earlier posts

First the trial we gave evidence in, finished on Friday, and here! is the result... we were on the prosecution side, so we are quite happy with that result.... at least it's all over.

Second, I wrote this on the 4th August this year

I have one RL 'friend' at present, who I haven't spoken to for a couple of months....and if I bump into her in the street, she will say 'I haven't heard from you for a while'....I only wish I was nasty enough to say 'well, I haven't moved or changed my phone number' and see whether she gets the point. I'm fed up of having to drive every relationship, apart from the ones with my children.

Well I ran into her in the supermarket today, actually she came running up to me saying that she had tried to get me on the phone several times, and all she got was my ansaphone... and I wasn't nasty enough to say anything cutting... don't think she'd have got the point anyway. But we had a chat and she said I should call her soon.... maybe I will... she's working again, has a car and sounds quite happy with things. That makes me a very bad friend, only wanting to hang out with her when things are good.... fair weather friend me, eh?
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