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Stolen from tephramancy

1.Caught yourself singing out loud in a public place?
Yes, when I got looks from strangers.

2. Locked yourself in a public toilet?
Yes, when I was about 7, and I think it happened again much later but that incident is not so clear in my memory.

3. Broken into your own home?
Many times... and my car as well.

4. Had a car stolen?
No, but I've had things stolen from the car... and a few attempts to steal the car.

5. Gone to casualty as a result of something embarrassing that went wrong?
Yes, once again aged about 7, slid down a short flight of stairs and hurt my elbow when it hit the ground.

6. Got lost on your way home from work?
Can't remember a specific incident, but I can get lost anytime... I never really lost, I just forget where I am supposed to be going.

7. Planned a surprise party?
Lots... I stopped doing it years ago, I'd had enough.

8. Been the surprised one at a surprise party?
Yes, one Birthday, maybe 23 or 24.

9. Dropped your book in the bath?

10. Kissed your best friend?
Every morning for the whole 21 years I knew him, 18 of those I was married to him.

11. Slept in the street?
Yes, in a queue for cheap tickets to the ballet, in 1968.

12. Rushed up to your mate in the street to discover that on closer inspection it was a complete stranger?
Oh, that's one of my favourite tricks, haven't done it so much lately.

13. Had beer for breakfast?
Probably, that was de rigeur for caving weekends.

14. Fallen asleep at your desk?
More times than I can count.

15. Used hair spray or similar instead of anti perspirant?
Can't recall, but it would be the sort of thing I would do.

16. Wet yourself laughing?
Very nearly, yes.

17. Been sick on your best mate / partner?
No, not so far as I remember.

18. Walked into a lamp post?
Hasn't everyone?

19. Been skinny dipping?
Yes, in my misspent youth.

20. Ended up in hospital after a drunken night out?
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