Mojo (bobbylevi) wrote,

Answer No.1

How did you ever become involved with this subject?

This question came in reponse to one of my many rants about my research, and was also asked at my Viva for my first year report. Well, having graduated with a degree in Environmental Chemistry from Oxford Brookes University in 1998, and then spent 3 years as a chemistry technician in a school, I felt I needed some new intellectual stimulation. So I went looking for a PhD project... during my search I saw an ad for an open day for the Chemical Enginieering school at the University of Birmingham. Now I didn't even know what Chemical Engineering was, but I thought I would go along and find out, especially since I could visit Gardener's World Live after I was finished.

At the open day there were about 6 projects I was interested in... but I think they were more interested in me... I was almost pounced upon.... and I think the choice of project was made by availability rather than the logical process, that I usually use... it was almost as if the project chose me. Maybe that's why I get so angry when things go wrong... but here I am doing what will be very interesting research, into a subject which is very relevent to my first degree, although it is extending my skills far beyond anything I would have expected.

Basically, what got me into this was my insatiable curiousity, and my ability to be interested in almost anything.
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