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This is way cool!!!

My friend ziactrice introduced me like this!

bobbylevi is a researcher who has a mild tendency to rant on the other academics putting needless obstacles in her path, usually with immense justification, from what I've heard. She talks about 'the university' all the time, without naming it, but really, she lives in Oxford, U.K. How hard is that to figure out? She seems made in the typical Brit mode of a lady - mad on her garden and quite lovable in mildly eccentric character. Most admirably, she actually has the guts to admit she enjoys getting older! Now, how cool is that? I want to grow up to be her - except for the health problems she deals with so much more cheerfully than I ever could, that is.....

Seems I haven't been totally honest in my LJ... but that's a really cool description of me. Thank you so much!
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