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Thank you all so much for my birthday wishes... and now that the day has ended I'd better tell you how it went.

I had not mentioned the fact that it was my birthday to either of my children... it's time they learnt to remember these things themselves. I was woken bythe phone at 9:15... it was Avalon wishing me happy birthday... Lawrence woke at 10ish with not an inkling, so I reminded him... but I've had a Virtual Birthday, almost all my wishes came on the ether... and I had virtually no presents. Lawrence had bought me a webcam yesterday, before he knew it was my birthday.

Nevertheless, the day was fine... I finished off my presentation for tomorrow... put a few things away in the spare room... went to dinner at a very nice Indian restaurant nearby, and when we came home Lawrence made icecream in our new ice cream maker... It was yummmmy!!!!

So off to bed now... I have an early start tomorrow and a late finish... so I might not get back here till Friday.

Have fun!
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