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40 years ago

40 years ago today I was celebrating my engagment to Ted. I had accepted his proposal of marriage some 8 months earlier, but this was the day of the party and the moment I had the ring romantically placed on my finger. He had the ring specially made to his design and it took him those months to pay for it. I had not seen it till it was placed on my finger to stay, I'd tried it on for size with my hand behind my back... I love surprises, and people asked "what happens if you don't like it"... my answer "how can I not like it when I love the man who gave it to me".

So it's time to leave for the party, and Ted embraces me and presents me with the most beautiful engagement ring. He had asked me to wear gloves, and I put them on over the ring, so that it could be unveiled at the party. In the 21 years that I shared my life with him, we never lost the romance. This my friends is part of the emotional rollercoaster I'm currently riding.

I'm going out today, it's a nice day and I need to get out, so I may not be very prompt at responding to comments.
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