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Am I a stalker?

I've been reading several people's journals, where they are talking about having a stalker. This is usually someone new appearing on their friends list, that they know nothing about, and who immediately starts to interact with them quite intensely, and personally.

It crossed my mind that my arrival on many of your friends lists was not unlike that. I very rarely announce my arrival, and I do lots of searches for people I think I might like to make friends with, even people with no friends/interests in common with me. Also in the early days there was very little information on my userinfo page, not for any suerreptitious reason, but just that I hadn't thought of what to say.

So does that make me a stalker?

What did you think when this crazy woman from Oxford started asking questions about you?

Did I offend anyone?

If not, what makes me more acceptable than the others that get classified as stalkers?
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