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Still quiet

I'm still not feeling very talkative, but I'll give it a go.

My daughter and Jude came to visit last week, Wednesday through to Saturday and we had fun together. Then early Saturday morning we all went to her house to prepare for Jude's third birthday on Monday. On the way home we stopped at Tesco's at Purley for essential food items and something to eat. I chose to have one of their all day breakfasts, traditional english fried breakfast, sausage, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and the lot.

Saturday was spent shopping for Jude's birthday gifts (Tricycle, trampoline, sandpit, plus some small stuff), then we just hung out until the evening when Avalon and Zeke were going out and I was babysitting.

Sunday we had decided to go to the seaside, this would be Jude first time and since they've moved it's only 40ish miles to the seaside. Well, it was a nice day when we set out and after stopping at Tesco's at Purley for car essentials and breakfast, this time I had a breakfast bap (Sandwich in the US). From there on the drive was fine until we hit traffic along the seafront in Brighton, which was expected, but just as we got to the seafront the heavens opened, so that put paid to any thoughts of swimming or even paddling in the sea. Having parked the car and employed the umbrellas, we set off to find ice creams and the beach. Brighton beach is not a children's beach at all as we discovered, but Jude had a new experience, and we'll find a better beach next time. We did some browsing in the shops and Jude had fun jumping in puddles, which amused the general public in the area (I'm a great believer in the value of jumping in puddles). Then we set off home, having avoided the hour long wait to get out of the car park, because we were on the second floor, we spent the next 2 hours just getting out of Brighton town centre, about a mile and a half.

Understandably we were exhausted by the time we got home, having stopped to pick up a chinese dinner on the way, but before we could go to bed we had to construct the new toys, and guess what one of them was defective, the trampoline was missing some of the holes needed to put it together.

Monday started with yet another trip to Tesco's at Purley, breakfast again, the full breakfast again this time and then into the supermarket to buy the party food, cake, candles, balloons and party hats. Then back to Toy'R'Us to return the trampoline, and get another one. Now for some serious partying, with our 'Bob the Builder' party hats and noisemakers and balloons, we did the three year old things for the rest of the day. Once Jude had crashed and gone to bed, I drove home, only stopping at Tesco's at Purley for petrol.

Tuesday I went to Birmingham for a training session with one of the other postgraduate students, but he didn't turn up. So I came home earlyish and Lawrence arrived home at the same time, so and went to Tesco's in Oxford to fill the fridge and get something for dinner. That was just a small Tesco marathon 5 trips in 4 days, my best was 11 trips to tesco in 10 days.

Yesterday was a catch up day and I spent most of it in LJ... Today is going to be more productive I hope, we're going to try and mow the lawn. So I'll be around on and off today.
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