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Blah to better

This morning I felt quite low for no particular reason, but I hung around on LJ and did some surfing, chatted to my niece in Australia on msn. Then I went to the supermarket and bought some good time foods.... you know the stuff the makes you feel good ....and some of it was marked down, even better. So by the time I came home I felt much better, and I've cooked and eaten a good meal.

....and I've had a haircut ...I was intending to have it cut really short again ....I've been growing it for a while now, but I just had it trimmed and I'll perservere with it longist for a bit. I've been having a problem finding something to do with it, and I haven't been happy with it, but everyone, yes everyone says how good it looks .....and I'm not sure I want to lose that.
Tags: emotions, family, food and drink, hair
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