Mojo (bobbylevi) wrote,

Trains and knees

Well, here I am in Birmingham ...struggled in with a very painful knee, to do a training session with one of the other postgrads ....and we just got news he is not coming, he is ill. Wish I had cried off now ....anyway I'm going home now to try and sort this knee out.

You may ask how I hurt my knee, well I'll tell you anyhow. Yesterday the trains we disrupted by some signal problems near Oxford. So they took us on a bus to Banbury the next main station on my journey, but then three trains and 4 hours later I made it to the university. Going home there were still problems so they bussed us from Birmingham to Oxford, in a old cramped coach, it took nearly 3 hours. My knee did not like being cooped up for that long, and it's still really painful.

So I'm off to limp home and put it up with an ice pack.
Tags: study, travel
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