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Don't faint

I've been out 3 times in the last 30 hours...alone, driving myself. Last night, I went to quilt group, a nice easy sit and listen to someone talk session. This morning I went to art group and made a print block and one print from it. Then this evening I went to lace group, didn't even attempt to do any lace, just earbashed my neighbours, especially the very patient toadflax234. I may be going to the supermarket tomorrow, as Lawrence has a day off and we need to shop for the weekend. He and Katerina are going away, so we need to get mo doable food supplies in. Ooh, goodie I get to cook, and then collapse from the exertion. Well I have an easy week next week to recover.

So here is the first print I made from this morning's block.

Fish print 1
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