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Poor cat!

I had to take my daughter's cat , Molly, to the vet, to have two teeth removed, but the poor thing...when the anaethetised her they found she needed almost all of them removed, except for a few incisors at the front. She seems in good spirits and voice, and maybe she will be happier if her teeth don't ache anymore.

It will sure clip her wings as far as hunting is concerned ....and I was counting on her to keep the squirrels away from my walnut crop. Darn!

It will make giving her a tablet soooo much easier, and less painful for us.

My daughter is still trying to take the reality in, that her cat has no teeth....well You've heard of Gummy Bears.....I have the original Gummy Cat! Ba Dum Tish!

Let's see what witty comments you lot can come up with....I'll keep Molly away from the computer so she doesn't get offended :-D
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