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Follow up to last night.

Had my first real therapy session this morning at 8am, *groans*, and on my way there I drove past the RL 'friend' was talking about, I don't know whether she saw me or not, as I came from behind her as she was walking down the street. Let's see if she did and it prompts her to ring me, I have her cycling helmet at my house, she can't want it too bad....or maybe that's why she was walking. HeHe!!! I'm feeling slightly bitchy about this.

Back to the therapy, I think this lady is good, she's very gentle and non-directive. She added another theory about my weight, now what was it...something about smothering things...emotional things that is....and is that why I need all this weight to keep it smothered. There have been many theories about my weight problem....I keep hoping when the really right one appears, I will instantly recognise it ....but maybe it's a combination of several. One theory was that raising two bereaved children on my own was such a huge task that I had to be a big person to do ....and the weight symbolised my growing to fill the role. So when the kids had grown, I thought well I don't need the weight anymore.....but I've still got it, Hmmmph!
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