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Mo's garden news

Almost forgot, we bought a new hedge trimmer on Saturday to replace the one Lawrence bent... must remind him about HIS rule. He was trying to get the old one fixed but I think it's not going to happen. So my garden is tidy today, hedges trimmed, grass cut... and the raspberries and strawberries are cropping.

I've never bought a raspberry plant, the birds have delivered several volunteer plants to my front garden. The first couple got transplanted to the back, but we left the last one at the front, and this year it's got a nice crop too. In fact the front ones were ripe first. I've also got a tomato plant at the front in a pot, to see whether the blight has gotten that far. I've given up growing tomatoes at the back since the blight arrived. If this works then maybe my front garden will see more tomatoes.
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