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Good Morning

I was up early today, even saw Lawrence briefly as he disappeared out the door. It may mean that my nap happens earlier than usual, which won't be a bad thing. I am expecting Avalon and Jude today, they are planning to arrive late afternoon, and will stay a few days.

I bought a Kinder egg on Saturday, for those that don't know them... they are chocolate eggs with a tiny toy kit inside. The toy parts are contained in a plastic capsule, which is quite useful for craft purposes. So thinking ahead I bought one, assuming Jude would eat the egg for me. I put it in an easily accessed but not particularly obvious place... trouble is Lawrence found it, and now it's gone... I know I intended it for a little boy, nice to know that at 32 Lawrence is still a little boy. I also had to fight the cat to get the plastic capsule... *sigh*

Well it seems that breakfast is indicated. Have fun while I'm gone!
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