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Mo on a ordinary wednesday

I wasn't going to post today... I was planning to go hide in a corner while the world went crazy in honour of St Valentine. However I didn't manage a post yesterday, and there were things to say... so here I am. First thank you to jackiesjottings for a very pleasant monday evening spent at her house. We chatted, no surprise, and some progress was made on my panel... while we were doing that we had to sustain ourselves with tea and fairy cakes... Squeeeee!!! We took a break at 8:30 to watch "An Island Parish" together then finished things off once that was over, before Lawrence came to pick me up at 9:30. I am planning on doing a little more to the panel today... Wish me luck. Yesterday I finished off a small piece of tapestry weaving that I started in 2002. The main reason for finishing it was to free up the frame it was on, so I could use it for the panel.

Finally... I saw this on markmc03's journal, and I couldn't resist passing it on.

Go to

then scroll down till you find a YouTube video of Nora the cat playing the piano... it is just too cute, she even plays a duet.
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