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The State of the Mo

I've started the long job of tagging all my old posts, and I've finished all of 2001 (haha... 3 posts) and January 2002. Running concurrently with what ever else I'm doing, I am playing my newly alphabetised CD collection alphabetically. So in re-reading my old posts, I came across one which noted I was listening to the Righteous Brothers - You've Lost that Loving Feeling... and guess what I had playing at that point, yup... the same CD... Should I buy a lottery ticket?

So as you can see I'm up to R in my alphabetical run through... I must mention that this is only the single artist/ composer rack, which is the biggest. Then there are two more smaller racks, one of mixed artist/ composer CDs... compilations etc., and the other one of comedy and non-musical stuff. I'm quite pleased with my progress on both these projects... they are keeping me ticking along nicely.

Also today Lawrence updated the security program on my computer, and ordered me a new mouse... the old one appears to have developed a minor break in the cable, making it unreliable. I have the one off my laptop here for now till the new one arrives.
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