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Textile group

Last night pondhopper was asking about the textile group and lace. This is the easiest way to answer her, and you all get to see too.

I belong to a group called "Textiles for Peace", which is a multi-racial group fostering cross-cultural co-operation. This is our 3rd project, which is a multi-media quilt style wallhanging. It will be exhibited for the first time on the 26th March at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and is in recognition of the 200th anniversary of the cessation of the transatlantic transportation of slaves. It is also in part to commemorate 1000 years of Oxfordshire, So Oxford and freedom are strong themes within it. Having said that most people have done what was in their hearts and there is some wonderful work. In the process we have all experimented with new techniques, like felting, batik and screen printing, as well as the more needle based techniques found in quiltmaking. It will be huge, there are piles and piles of finished squares which now need to be assembled into the hanging/s. I have one square almost finished, but my main one has much work to be done on it yet, and I fear that it may not make the first deadline. That may mean it will be added to a later hanging and join the work at later exhibitions. My grandson Jude has made a felted square, and I have mounted it ready to be included in the project. He made a doll for the previous project too... I am so proud of him.

I was only involved a little with the Peace Tent, but really got into it with the Dolls... I made three. Here they are

diverse dolls

Karma sitting
This was my first doll, her name is Karma

Sumo doll
This was my last one, and he has a magnetic personality, and he is about 5" tall.

They now live in a wall unit in my living room, and they are the first items of my handiwork that has ever been exhibited publicly... I was all puffed up with pride.

That's enough for one post, I'll tell you about lace later.
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