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Tribute to Betty

Today would have been my mother's 90th birthday. Here is a photographic tribute to her life, with minimal comment. I'm sure I have other photos, but they will have to join in the fun when they emerge from the clutter. The dates of the early photos are largely educated guesses, purely to be able to put them in the right order.

She was born on 4th February 1917

Levi family 1918
1918ish... She's the little one on her father's knee.

Betty & Madge 1928
1928ish with her big sister Madge

Betty 1930
1930 aged 13 in the front garden at home

Betty 1933
1933ish looks like her left side was the good one.

Betty in street 1935
1935ish aged 18ish

Bride Betty

Picnickers 1940
1940ish looks like a fun picnic, she's the one on the right.

Burton Family 51
1951 in Sydney's Hyde Park... somehow I sneaked in there too.

Betty & Arnold 87
1987 with my Dad

Nanna & Jude 99
1999 Her last visit to the UK to see her new great grandson Jude

2000 the last photo I took of her

She died on the 30th April 2001

Happy Birthday Mum
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