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Ok, I'm a geek

I really worry about my life when I find myself drooling over bits of hardware....not the computer kind, actual metal tools and fittings. I've been working with Swagelok gas fittings and my heart skips a beat when I just look in the catalogue. So imagine how exciting it is to caress them, I roll them around in my hands. They make me so happy.

But I think most mechanical things do the same thing, I love trains, even when they are nearly an hour late....and another LJer said something that made me remember how much I like naval ships. However, the mechanics of a car leave me cold. I often find myself drooling over tools, especially nicely engineered ones, and I own a lot more than I will ever use, just because I fell in love with it in the hardware store (a place I love to frequent)

Putting my strange obsessions to one'll never guess what happened yesterday....the gas regulators, that were ordered before Christmas have arrived ....I was almost speechless....and... AND... I have been referred to another workshop, who will do the work I requested in March, tomorrow, and it will be ready on Monday. I can't believe it, we just have one more supply problem to crack ....the fuel cell tubes, without them we are up the proverbial creek. It would be like trying to drive a car, without a steering wheel.

Well, can't expect it all at once, I'm quite overcome by this week's progress ...I'll have to go lie down in a darkened LJ. :-D
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