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Good girl

I'm on my own at present, Lawrence will be away working until next weekend. I have a bad habit of not eating right when I'm alone, I get to food time and look in the frisdge, don't see anything I like the look of, and eat junk, or take out. So I've filled the fridge with nutritious, ready to use or quick to cook food, that is all to my taste, so at least my snacking will be healthy. I also got some good stuff for taking to Birmingham, soups to heat up in the microwave, so | won't eat junk up there. Now when I say junk, don't get me wrong it's just things like sandwiches, with more bread than I should be eating, and not enough protein.

This is all under the guidance of my naturopath and acupuncturist, they want me to eat more protein foods, and less carbohydrates, especially wheat.

I've also cooked some things, that just need to be heated up, or can be eaten cold. The theory being if the right food is available I'll eat that intsead of looking elsewhere.
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