Mojo (bobbylevi) wrote,

Still here!!

I haven't totally melted yet. We hit a record high on Wednesday, with the hottest July day ever in the UK. Actually I found yesterday worse, but that's probably because my heat coping mechanisms are failing from overuse.

I'm on my own this weekend, Lawrence has escaped, he will return on Monday. Like the wonderful son that he is, he has left me with plenty of food that just needs warming up.

I've got some things on my mind right now, that I'm not ready to explore, so I may bit a bit quieter than my usual quiet for a little while. Also today I must try the TENS machine again, the first trial was not good, but I only have it on loan for a month and I need to try some different settings to see whether it helps at all.

Well it's time I ate something, not that I feel at all hungry... so I'll let you get back to whatever fun thing it was that you were doing... Have a good weekend everyone!!
Tags: health, weather
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