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It's going to be warm here today, so I've gone into hibernation. There's no reason for me to leave the house today anyway, and I need to have some easy relaxing time to recover from my busy week. The fridge changeover is complete, the old one is sitting outside waiting for the council to come and collect it. It's so nice getting proper cold food out of the fridge... I know simple pleasures. :-)

The textile workshop was fun yesterday, we did heat transfer printing, and it was so much fun to experiment with. I'm hoping to experiment a bit more with what I did, using my iron instead of her big expensive machine. I think I'll wait till this hot spell is over though. If I can get some simple system working there will be some good fun to be had. We started at 2 yesterday instead of 3 and I managed to stay till nearly 5, but by the time I was leaving it was hot out and I was so exhausted. The drive home was difficult, it took all the energy I had to just focus on the driving, knowing I had to get home.

When I got home I had time to relax a bit before dinner, which was late because Lawrence will be away the next two weekends and he was trying to get things done around the house. Dinner was worth waiting for, he made chicken schnitzels, which he does brilliantly, Yum!!

Today I have a basket of clean laundry to fold and my downstairs plants need water, but other than that it's pretty much a blank slate... I see neopets and some TV filling the spare time... am I psychic or what. ;-)
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