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Fridge Day, etc.

Yesterday was the only day last week when I didn't go out... so it was spent mostly resting. Two of those outings were hospital appointments, and they come with their own particular stresses. Today we are waiting for the new fridge to be delivered sometime before 5. Once it's arrived we can go and do our supermarket shopping, unless it's late arriving, in which case we will shop tomorrow. We can't use the new fridge till tomorrow evening, so luckily Lawrence found a way to keep the old one working in it's barely working state while the new one settles in.

Tomorrow there is a textile workshop as usual, and we have a guest tutor to show us heat transfer printing. That should be good. Then I can settle in for a much more reasonable week with only three outings.

I am so looking forward to my new fridge... sad isn't it how little it takes to get me excited.

Update:- It's just arrived!! Ooh! Goodie!! So we'll be going to the supermarket asap... see you later
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