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News from the Mo-house

Well I went out yesterday to my thing at the church... I came home tired and extra hungry, because I'd not had my lunch before I went, so I ate and then went to bed and slept hard till 8pm. Then the evening was consumed by dinner, a little TV and some neopetting, followed by bed at a reasonable 1am.

I got to catch up on the goings on at the church. We are losing our rector in July, and for a while we will have no permanent clergy at all in either church in the parish. Our monthly home communion may be disrupted for a bit, but hopefully once the new clergy start in September it will get back to normal

This morning I was up early at 8:30 to be greeted by gentle sunshine. I've already had my breakfast, hung some washing to dry, read my friends list and now I'm ready for a rest. It doesn't take much to wear me out!!
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