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News from the Mo-house

It's grey and drizzly here today. I have good intentions today, I am going to attempt to get out without a minder today. It will only be to the church (a few minutes drive from here) for a chat and a cuppa. It will be the first time my car has been used since 20th April... nearly three weeks. Wish me luck.

ION we are on a decluttering project here, and on Sunday evening we joinlty attacked on of the most intractable pieces. I had this tray that became known as 'the Homeless Tray', because it was where we put anything we couldn't find a home for. Of course most of it was rubbish from my packrat days (read most of my life), but now it's all sorted a few things got new homes, but most ended up in the bin, and the tray is now leaning up against the kitchen cupboards, ready to be used as... shock, horror ... a tray.

There may be some more online shopping later... but I'll tell you more when it happens. As for now it's time for breakfast... Bye for now!!
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