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New music

I bought some new music yesterday:-

50's Rock'n' Roll compilation
The Troggs - Greatest Hits
Alice Cooper - Super hits
Blood, Sweat and Tears
The Hollies - The Essential Collection
Herman's Hermits - The very best of..
Yardbirds - Roger the Engineer
Kinks - The Ultimate Collection

I also bought two books on tape ....well one is Danny Kaye, some of his radio stuff and I bought a book for my daughter, a couple of toys for Jude and indigestion tablets, bathroom cleaner and water filters.

...and I had my photos from the retreat developed....and they are OK. This is my father's old camera, very manual SLR, and I 'm still learning how to use it.

It was fun shopping while the rest of England was watching the football, although they were announcing the score in the shops that didn't have a TV....and as you walked past a pub, you could hear the shout go up when a goal was scored.
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