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Good Morning

I'm still feeling good, my acupuncturist was so pleased with my progress. Still having sleep problems, once we can crack that, I sure will be on a winner. Got ot be careful not to do too much though.

tephramancy and Jude will be coming to visit today, and I'll take them back to Croydon tomorrow evening and stay with them till Tuesday morning. We'll have nearly a week of tea and chats to catch up on. There's a street festival on tomorrow on the Cowley Road (the multi-cultural centre of Oxford) and then our haircuts in the evening....all very exciting stuff (Ha!).

I'm off to town this morning to buy new glasses, and do some other random shopping.

My gardener friend was here yesterday, so my garden is looking good....still needs more work, but he will come again in a few weeks...eventually it will be sorted, so that I can manage it myself. I have the same plan for the housework, to get help getting it to a stage where it doesn't take too much to look after. It's only a small house and only two people (and someday only one), it should be easy. It's only gotten out of hand because I've been ill, and sometimes unable to do even the smallest physical task.
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