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Panic day

Well, I'm almost packed, just need to put in some CDs, which Lawrence is helping me choose, then put my slippers in when I'm going to bed and that's it. I have been in total panic mode all day, and only now can I feel it easing. I now recognise that I do this whenever I go away and hence my reluctance to arrange trips more than overnight in length. I am taking way too much stuff with me, but that way I will worry less about having forgotten something.

I am not taking:-
.....anything that needs to be done
.....nothing that is work in any way
.....any reading matter that is any more instructional than a gardening magazine
.....any way for the outside world to contact me (I will have my mobile phone, switched off, so I am in control of when I make contact with my family)

I am taking lots of stuff I enjoy doing and never find time for at home, but I'm hoping I won't need it. I haven't been to this house before, so I don't know what wonders it will weave. The house in Sussex that I've been to lots of times certainly works it's wonders every you walk in you feel a sense of peace descend over you like a will be really nice if this new one is similar.

In case I don't have time to update in the morning, bye for now and see you in a week.
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