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Mojo 1- Salesman 0... I am renowned for my ability to deal with salesmen... and I still have it... Yes!!!. A guy knocked on my door... he was from my electicity supplier wanting to give me a lower tariff... so when he actually spells it out... it boils down to... if I change my gas supply to them they will give me a whole 4% off my gas prices... and 0% off my electricity... sorry, but no thanks... it ain't worth changing for less than a £4 a month... I couldn't even buy a sunday newspaper for that.... Pffft!

Also they have yet to pass on the recent increase in gas prices, so they'll probably end up more expensive in the long run. So I told him to come back to me when he could offer me a decent discount like maybe 50 %... he said he would. Don't think I'll see him again, but he can come again anytime... nothing like having a pretty south african boy in my house, even if he was talking the usual twaddle. :-D
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