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A day in the life...

Today started badly with a failed appointment....I had planned to see an advice worker who was going to help me fill out some disability forms....the system is that you turn up at 9:30 and put your name on a list and he starts seeing people at I woke at 8:30 to my alarm, and felt awful after a bad night's I thought I wouldn't bother today try again on Wednesday.....rolled over and went back to sleep....till 9:10 when the sewing machine people rang to confirm my I thought might as well get dressed and go put my name on the list and come home and have breakfast before going back at 10:30....well I get there to find that the guy has broken his arm in three places and will not be there for maybe three I come home annoyed, and berating myself for not doing it last week, and 'why me' and 'how am I supposed to get this stuff done' name it, it was going around in my head.

I didn't give in to the craziness though, I made some phone calls, one to finalise my booking for the retreat, one to the school I used to work at, about tax papers, and the third one to book one of the cats in to see the vet. When I'd done that I felt sufficiently useful and the craziness had stopped. Then I rang tephramancy and went down to see them, Jude has the chicken pox but he was just as bouncy as usual. We had lunch at a local supermarket cafe and I came home in time to take Lisa (the cat) to the vet. Seems he is allergic to flea bites, this could be fun. I have trouble maintain any cleanliness in this house, let alone keeping it flea free.

While | was out I got my new prescription filled for sleeping tablets, let's hope these work. I will take the first one tomorrow night, when it won't matter if I have a hangover from them. If they work well I will use them while I'm away to max out on sleep. Lawrence came home then, he'd been away since Thursday on a course. It was great to have company for dinner, even if it wasn't particularly good food. He's gone off to bed now, he has an early start in the morning, and he'll be back really late tomorrow night, so I won't see him till Wednesday when he wakes up.

I'm heading off to bed now so I'll catch up with you in the morning.....Night, Night
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