Mojo (bobbylevi) wrote,

Oops! I've been tagged

By bleaux and dejablu503... I don't usually do memes but this one looks harmless enough.

Name 10 things that bring you a moment of joy, and tag 4 friends to do the same.

1. Letters/posts from old friends
2. Finding something precious that I thought was lost
3. Unexpected offers of help/support
4. A visit to one of my favourite craft supply stores
5. Playing with beads... sometimes they even evolve into a piece of jewellery
6. The smell of the sea
7. Rain on the windows
8. Fragrant red roses
9. My grandson
10. Gathering fruit and vegetables from my garden

I can't think who to tag... I'll leave that up to anyone who wants to do it.
Tags: meme
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