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One of the ways to deal with CFS, is to pace your activity so that you don't overdo it.....well it is really matter how much I scale down my activities....they seem to grow and manage to overtake my energy levels. If I did it properly then I wouldn't hardly leave the house ...and I'd go crazy being trapped at home. I keep trying to shed unnecessary activities, but I'm not getting very far. I have abandoned some long term projects, that I hadn't started, but it will take time to get rid of the stuff I accumulated for those projects.

I need to change the way I approach the day.....not by thinking 'What should /needs to be done', but 'What can I do today'.....that's going to take a bit of doing. But first I need to clear the backlog of urgent jobs...and I need help with that. The trouble is I still need to do some fun things...and they often get pushed out.

It's all a bit too much to think I'm off to the shower...and then to acupuncture.
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