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Morning LJ

Good Morning LJ, just checking in .....I'm a bit weary ....Yesterday Lawrence drove us, that's me, tephramancy and Jude to Croydon, so she could view a potential new home for them with zeke_hubris.....and even sitting in a car being driven is tiring.

We met up with zeke_hubris and he and tephramancy went off to see this flat, while Lawrence and I amused Jude at a nearby Toys'R'us, then dinner at Pizza Hut. We were ravenous having not had lunch because the times just didn't work out, and we drove a long way on motorways that have no service areas.

Today I going with Sally to the art exhibition that wasn't open on Saturday, when we went. I'm just doing that and a brief stop at the supermarket on the way home, just a bread and milk stop, then home to be quiet and rest.
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