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Bed day = Bad day

Today has been a bed day, which means it's a bad day with my CFS. Too much pain, too little sleep and low body temperature, which means that the only place I can sort-of cope is in bed. I'd only been up long enough to eat and deal with bodily functions, until after dinner. I've managed a few hours of being semi upright. I usually only get a bed day about once a month or so, but I've had quite a few lately, at least one a week. Also my sleep pattern is all up in the air, as well as my food pattern. I will be physically very hungry... stomach groaning etc., but I still don't feel like food... no appetite at all. I find it very difficult to get to grips with this disease, especially when it keeps changing. I desperately need to find a way to live with it... because I'm not going to die from it.
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