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Wrong nap

This will only make sense to the dressmakers amongst you. Late last year I bought a cheap velour dressing gown from a mail order company. It was a good style and fit, and it served my immediate needs adequately. What I did discover very quickly is that every piece of the garment, except the pocket linings, has been cut the wrong way up... that is with the nap/pile of the velour running bottom to top, instead of the top to bottom. I figured I could live with that, and decided not to send it back. It has been great fun observing how the fabric behaves. It works like one of those clothes brushes with the exaggerated piled fabric, so that I collect every bit of fluff and cat hair I come into contact with. All that fluff then migrates to the shoulders of my dressing gown; where I remove it with a damp hand, usually immediately after washing them. I did hear of one fancy designer who decided to use a velvet lining in a coat, the wrong way up, and they found that the coat would undress the person inside... Now that must have been real fun!! The good news is I don't expect this dressing gown to last very long, and maybe I'll manage to make the next one myself... with the fabric the right way up.
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