Mojo (bobbylevi) wrote,

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

1) Take a screencap of your desktop. (to cap a desktop: Press "Print Screen" (prt sc) button)

2) Open your graphics program-o-choice

3) Press CTRL + V

4) Save image as a JPEG

5) Upload the screen cap to your image server. Don't have one yet? Use Photobucket. Or Imageshack

6) Reply to this entry with your screencap or a link to your screencap. Along with any explanations you feel are necessary.

7) Post your cap in YOUR LJ along with these instructions.

Mojo's desktop

The wallpaper is a photo taken by tephramancy with my digital camera. It is the view from the tea room at Waterperry Gardens near here one winter day in 2000.

I nicked this from cynnerth
Tags: meme, photos
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