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Conspiracy or what?

I was under the misguided impression that there was a general trend towards using less additives in food.... Silly me!! I must confess first that I eat meat... I'm not ashamed of that and I feel no need to apologise to anyone for it. Sometimes when I eat meat I like some gravy on it, or I need some stock for a casserole. Seems reasonable to me, and it even seems reasonable that my gravy and stock are made from real meat, or chicken, etc.

So I've been using Oxo cubes to make stock for ages, and recently I discovered that they were full of MSG. I thought that MSG was on it's way out. Then I looked at gravy mixes and found that all the popular brands were similarly laced with artificial flavour additives. However, the cheap gravy mix that I bought at Iceland contained no MSG, and even had a proportion of real meat extract in it.

Today I went to Iceland to replenish my supply, only to find wehn I got home that neither the meat or chicken gravy mix now contain any animal products. Not only have they reformulated the product, they have added the word flavour into the name. I don't want something that contains only a replica of the flavour... I want the real thing.

Am I missing something, why are meat accompaniments being made suitable for vegetarians? ...and they've takien all the beef out of Bovril too... so that it now appeals to vegetarians. So to the vegetarians on my list... Do you crave Beef flavoured spread on your toast, or beef tea, or do you desperately need to add meat flavoured gravy to your nut roast?

I am as mad as hell. I now have two large jars of gravy granules that I won't use, and I'm on the hunt for an unadulterated product to replace them. I'd make my own from scratch if I could, it's one of the things I do spectacularly well, but my illness doesn't often allow me to stretch to that much activity. If any of you know of any product that will fit my criteria, please let me know. Also if anyone in RL contact would like these two jars of gravy mix then speak up, they would need to be collected or dropped off... I ain't posting them.
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